Face Shield

It provides protection for nose, mouth and eyes.
The front is transparent, it doesnt take mist from your breath and provides very clear view.
It doesn't turn yellow with the effect of daylight and can be cleaned with disinfected solutions very easily.
It is long-term product. You can use it with ease for days.
It covers the face completely. It is in the from of a full face shield.
It is suitable for all ages with adjustable tire.
It is light and doesn't make tired of your neck and head.
When you get this product you can use it after disinfect it.

-It is manufactured under the size 210 mm X 340 mm X 0,5 mm.
-1 Unit for orginal cardboard box.
-50 units for a parcel.
-It has CE and ISO 9001-2008 standarts.

Please contact with us for get more information about Face Shield prices and technical specifications.

Transparent Antibacterial Pet
Unbreakable, Flexible
Doesn't take mist
210mm X 340 mm X 0,5 mm
It has CE and ISO 9001-2008 Standarts
50 unit for parcel